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Minor update

Still merrily cranking along

As you can see, the test app has been updated to support a wee bit of image rendering for today’s iteration. Things you can’t see are A) the image is animated to slide back and forth across the screen, and B) there’s probably three times as much JavaScript code now under the hood as I add a whole bunch of object oriented design to the implementation of the app. This will help make tomorrow’s update super easy (or so he says now…).

The FPS numbers are still hearteningly very, very high. However, I will admit that the human eye can detect a bit of stuttering every couple of seconds or so as the image slides back and forth across the screen. This is true on the desktop as well, so it seems to be more of an HTML5 engine thing than an iPhone platform thing. We will see as things progress whether it ends up being too distracting for the player or if it ends up being unnoticeable in the end.

Plan for tomorrow? Kill the app dead and dance on its sticky bones. More soon!

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